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The Corridy Story

It’s personal

Corridy is a farm on the Isle of Man that has been in Thalia Bryan’s family for generations.
“Having Corridy in the family means a lot to me and I know how important property is to my clients. That’s why I chose the name. What we do through Corridy is not just business, it’s personal.”

As the daughter of a builder, Thalia learned lessons at a young age about taking care of property, and delivering good value for clients. “My father took great pride in his work and he was very successful over many years. If there was one thing I learned from him, it was that you can’t deliver value if you don’t have good relationships, with clients, contractors, tenants and neighbours.”

Corridy provides quality, independent property management services, building relationships that stand the test of time.


Corridy Property Thalia

Thalia Bryan

Managing Director

Thalia has more than 30 years’ experience in property management and refurbishment. She has built up a loyal client base that values her quality advice and first-class service, while her network of contacts in the property management and building trades is second to none.

Corridy Property Sarah

Sarah Bachelor

Property Manager

Sarah has been working in the property sector for over 20 years. From administration and accounting to consulting on interior design and furnishings, she brings a wealth of experience, flexibility and know-how to support the needs of her clients.


Corridy provides continuous care and has all angles covered in
property management, maintenance and refurbishment.